We have offices in Senegal and Ivory Coast. Outside these 2 countries, we operate as followed:

  • We send a high-level Project Manager from Senegal to the concerned country,
  • His responsibilities in the country is to recruit, train and supervise the fieldwork team. He stays there until the end of fieldwork.
  • All the interviewers and supervisors are from the concerned countries and they all have a minimum level of 3 years university
  • The interviews are conducted on tablets, the Project Manager travels in the concerned country with the tablets,
  • Code frame development and coding are done in Senegal.
  • During fieldwork, the Project Manager is also responsible of insuring that all the quotas are respected,
  • On field, we have back-checkers and supervisors, with a ratio of 1 back-checker and 1 supervisor for 5 interviewers.
  • The monitoring of the quality of data is done daily, by back-checkers, supervisors and Project Manager.
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